A Gentleman’s guide: Designing your engagement ring - 5 tips

You’re planning the perfect proposal and need a ring to match it! Now What?

If you are left with more questions than answers and you’re wondering where to start, don’t stress. Here are 5 steps that will assist you in designing the perfect engagement ring.

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The traveller’s guide to purchasing an authentic jewellery piece abroad.

With its aqua-blue waters and white-sand beaches, Cape Town seduces even the most seasoned traveler with its bustling shopping, dining and entertainment options. The rich diversity of Cape Town’s natural and cultural heritage is what makes this city so attractive.

For some, getting to know the city means exploring century old vineyards, museums and monuments. Or perhaps it’s trying to capture the scenic landscapes and enjoying the traditional cuisine. But for the globetrotter who loves to shop, keepsakes and memorabilia is a must.

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