Custom Design for a Creative Customer

 When one of our regular clients came to us with this special design project, we knew this would be something we would love to share.

Our customer had her daughter’s wedding coming up and wanted custom jewellery pieces created to wear with her outfit, which she was having made. She brought in some off-cuts of the materials her dressmaker was using – wonderfully light and flowing textures in hues of royal blue…

In preparation for the design session, we sourced some Sapphire stones in varying hues of sky blue, rich royal blue, purples and shades of mauve.

The rough drawings of the chandelier style earrings came together as Marelé and our customer sat with the stones themselves. Together they looked at various options for the shape and style of the earrings. What was also taken into account while creating the design, was our customer’s budget, the overall weight of the earrings, and our customer’s preferred length to suit the style of her hair and dress for the special day.

The earrings feature Briolette Cut Sapphires. These are pear shaped stones, which are faceted and have a tiny hole drilled delicately through the top section. We work with the most incredible stone cutters and gemstone suppliers – locally and internationally – to ensure our customers have the benefit of these skilled and essential members of our jewellery trade.

A magnificent pendant was made to match the earrings, and this piece features round faceted Sapphires in a range of gorgeous blues.

Let us know what you think of this amazing project! If you would like more stories of the custom designed pieces that we make to match the individuality of our valued customers, leave us a comment below …

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