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Our Team

Marelé Moolman, driven by her passion for creating unique pieces and wanting to explore new horizons joined the workshop of David Bolding in 2005 as assistant manager and in 2007 freeRange JEWELS™ came into being as a result of Marele's desire to keep her own creative energy vibrating.

‘I get lyrical when it comes to a well-made piece of jewellery in a style that pushes the boundaries, a perfectly balanced design that shouts and whispers at the same time-jewellery that tells you something for which there are no words. I am fascinated by how the creative mind responds to triggers, how it does not deliver when I want it to, but overwhelms me with possibilities when I least expect it!’ - Marelé Moolman

The freeRange JEWELS™ team

  • Marele Moolman
    Concept Designer

    As the creator and driving force behind the freeRange brand, Marelé oversees all aspects of the business; from meeting with clients to help them realize their vision of a bespoke piece of jewellery; to working alongside the design team to ensure the piece is both creative and original; to managing the workshop where the goldsmiths bring the designs to life. Marelé is the heart and soul of freeRange and demands excellence from every member of her team so that each client feels fulfilled by the freeRange experience.

  • David

    As co-owner of freeRange JEWELS, David is part of the very foundations of the business. His creative input and business guidance are visible in the steady growth of this unique brand. David’s passion for quality and innovation offers continuous inspiration for the rest of the team, including our talented craftspeople working behind the scenes.

  • Catherine
    Production Manager

    Catherine is at the heart of freeRange JEWELS, ensuring that all jobs moving through from the studio to the workshop and back again do so smoothly and accurately. As our production manager, she underpins the everday operations of the manufacturing side, overseeing the creation our incredible ranges and high-quality commission pieces. Catherine keeps a close eye on the finer details ensuring our customers continue enjoying the high standards they have come to expect from us.

  • Leanne Steyn-Begley
    Branding and Marketing Strategist

    Leanne graduated as a fashion designer from the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design in Stellenbosch, but soon found her preferred medium of communication through video, audio, images and text. Coining the term “Haute Couture Social” she landed the opportunity to develop the voice and character of the freeRange JEWELS brand. Leanne is our in-house branding and marketing strategist who aspires to give every client access to the latest freeRange products & offerings via their favourite social platform.

  • Mark
    Design Consultant

    Mark graduated from The Ruth Prowse School of Art with a diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing and has gone on to specialise in Computer Aided Design. His mastery of the computer as a creative tool is put great use in creating jewellery pieces that strike a balance between the new and the traditional. Working alongside Dawn in the freeRange JEWELS studio, he assists customers with individual designs and commission pieces as well. Mark is the newest addition to our multi-skilled team!

  • Dawn Bolton
    Design Consultant

    Dawn joined us with a range of skills to offer, having worked as a professional goldsmith and jewellery designer, but also having gained skills with graphic design, photography and image editing along the way. Somedays she is designing rings with customers, other days she is busy designing promotional materials, and on yet other days, she is photographing our stock for catalogue and creating gorgeous images for us to share on social media. With her passion for people’s stories, and artistic abilities, she fits right in with the freeRange JEWELS philosophy

For more on the freeRange JEWELS brand & behind the scenes happenings, you can follow along here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/freerangejewels/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/freerangejewels/

LinkedIn: https://za.linkedin.com/in/marel%C3%A9-moolman-73997524

The Studio

  • The Studio

    The studio in Greenpoint is a light and comfortable space that is directly connected our workshop. Our goldsmiths can be seen at work, through a window in our studio. Clients can view a number of pieces in the showcases and can sit in quiet comfort with design consultants to discuss their needs.

  • The Workshop

    The workshop is conveniently placed just a few doors away from the studio. This allows for fluidity in the story of your piece – from design to creation- you can even accompany the design consultant to watch the magic happen.

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