Client commission: 50th Birthday Celebration

Putting jewels together that mark life’s milestones are right up there with why we love what we do!

This client received a gift voucher from her family to have a piece of her choice made. And I had an incredibly special set of Watermelon tourmaline gems in my collection for a while, secretly hiding them from clients as I was not ready to part with them.

When Lee (alias) came to discuss her celebration piece with me, I presented them when she said she was looking for a set of gems for a bangle. They were waiting for her. She wanted a piece that is easy to wear, so we decided on a bold C-shape silver bangle. We played around with various layouts on her wrist and voila! It made sense.

Commissions like these ticks so many boxes for me as it is truly aligned with my values as well as those of our business. This piece goes far beyond its monetary value, it will always be representative of Lee’s celebration and the love her family has for her.

The gemstones are one-of-a-kind and perfect in their irregularity, no matter how much you love this piece; I will never be able to copy it for you! The untreated colour and inclusions are indicative of the incredible natural forces that created these gems.

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