Brilliant Tsavorite, Leafy Diamond Ring

Can you tell that we love what we do?

This gorgeous ring was commissioned last year and we are so excited to share it! 

Made up in 9ct Rose and White Gold, the design is a combination of ideas from very different reference images supplied by our customer.  Intrinsic to the design were the leaf shapes encrusted with diamonds, and the delicate lower ring with it’s sparkling diamonds and elegant scrolls.

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Everyday Glamour with Carissa Bosman

New Year’s resolutions are often seen as an opportunity to improve yourself, change the way you see life and how the world sees you. Now is the time for an image overall! However “out with the old and in with the new”, doesn’t mean that you must break the bank or succumb to modern day consumerism.

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Gift Boxes with a nature-positive message.

We love our natural world, and a broad range of our designs are inspired by our fellow creatures. With the ranges of jewellery that we design around specifically threatened animals we strive to inform our customers and social media audience, about these vulnerable creatures, and offer the opportunity to help.

Bees are responsible for the pollination of up to 80% of the world’s crop species, and one-third of human consumption is entirely dependant on these tiny creatures.

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