African Honey Bee Ear Studs


African Honey Bee Ear Studs

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African Honey Bee Ear Studs

This clever little combination gift box offers a hand-carved pair of Sterling Silver Bee Ear Studs. Wonderfully detailed, these solid little sculptures are fully 3-dimensional and cast from a hand-carved model. The earrings have been oxidized to bring out the finer details.

Included in the box is a locally–produced, organic, Bees-Wax Lip Balm.

10% of the profits from this range are donated directly to the Endangered Wildlife Trust, and we very proudly include this information in the pamphlet that is in the box.

We feel strongly about imparting valuable information regarding the importance of the African Honey Bee, and the thorough work that the Endangered Wildlife Trust is consistently involved in to protect our local endangered species and ecology.

Protecting the environment is of utmost importance to freeRange JEWELS. Bees are vital to the survival of the human race yet these creatures are under immense threat from depleted foraging resources, climate change, pesticides, and disease. We are proud to continue our support of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s fine work by donating a part of the proceeds of this range towards the preservation of South African wildlife.





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