Beautiful gift ideas for special occasions

2023 is in full swing and many special occasions lie ahead. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out which gifts to get for your loved ones as each occasion passes by. If you’re on the hunt for something truly special, a unique piece of jewellery is your answer.  

To help you choose, we’ve curated the below list of jewellery pieces that include something for everyone: 

Best for: A friend 

Yellow Gold “Elephant Hair” Bangle

If you’re looking for something extraordinary for your best friend, this stunning bangle is perfect. It is handmade and based on the design of the traditional elephant hair bangles. The knots are wrapped in 9ct yellow gold. It’s a beautiful piece that can be added to any outfit to create an elegant look. The size is adjustable.

Best for: The special lady in your life 

Diamond Studs

Take her breath away with this stylish pair of studs. It features a distinctive golden glow which earns them a colour grading ‘Q’ with a clarity of SI2 & SI3. These earrings are ideal for adding a luxurious touch to an outfit for a special occasion. They come with independent laboratory certification.

Best for: Your sister

Frangipani Diamond Ear studs

These cute studs are a favourite among our customers. They are ideal for adding a fun element to a casual outfit. They are made in 9ct yellow gold and feature 0.015ct diamonds set in the centre. 

Best for: Your mom

Green Point Pendant 

This stunning piece includes a 1.18ct grey 14 facet diamond and 9ct chain. It’s a unique piece that will bring elegance to any look. It comes with its own unique code engraved.

Best for: A gift for yourself

5 Stone Diamond Ring

Spoil yourself this year with a remarkable piece intricately handmade in a classical way with a twist! This ring is made with five graduating diamonds that weigh 0.52ct IJ/SI. The side features a little secret of tiny white diamonds set in white gold! It’s a beautiful piece that can be kept as a special keepsake for many generations. 

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