My client (I’ll call him “Deon”) really impressed me! First of all, he was looking for a pale-yellow shade of sapphire. Now look, if you come to me with an off-beat request like that, you have my undivided attention!   Secondly, he was armed with a batch of reference pictures which eliminated a lot of stressful guesswork. This, I believe was the smart forward-thinking work of his fiancé-to-be. I didn’t expect this level of preparation, but it sure made my job much easier.   Deon inherited a ring with a few small diamonds which he wanted to incorporate into the new ring. I started the hunt for the perfect Yellow Sapphire which proved to be much harder than I thought it would be. Fortunately, Deon is a man with patience. I WhatsApp’d him pictures of stones as and when I came across potential candidates. Finally, she arrived from one of my trusted suppliers….the sunset beauty I was hoping for. We agreed and Deon came to approve the sapphire in person.   We made the ring in Platinum, flanked by the little inherited sparkles! She said yes and they lived happily ever after ?

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