Tales of Tradition

We're so excited to share this gorgeous shoot with you!  Erin, from HAPPINEST, put together this sumptuous bridal styled shoot earlier this year, using some of our jewellery to accentuate her beautiful bride for the day. She was inspired by the elegant location, Casa Labia, which mesmerises with luxurious eighteenth-century Venician-influenced decor and furniture. With the help of an incredibly talented team, she created "Tales of Tradition"; a shoot in which she has materfully captured the romance and refinement reminiscent of old-world Italy. 

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FAQ 3: "Do you ever receive jewellery as a gift?"

Yes, in fact, I do! In the years following the presentation of my engagement ring (see the previous post), I have received jewellery memorabilia from wherever Charl’s bike and surf trips have taken take him. Some notable mementos I have received are strands of seeds and shells from Madagascar, traditional copper wire earrings, typical of the Lesotho Highlands, as well as a pair of hand-painted disc earrings from Eastern Europe.

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A question I am often asked is whether or not I designed my own wedding ring. The short answer is no! But here is the story…

The very first piece of jewellery I ever received from a man was six years ago and it was a quite a surprise!

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