Pandemic or not, love will prevail, and Stuart was not going to be derailed on his mission to get his lady’s dream ring made. He had gold and diamonds which were entrusted to him by a generous family member and it set the basis for creating a spectacular engagement ring.

We needed the establish the optimum size for the center stone, to work in proportion with the stones he had.

I laid the diamonds out and sent Stuart a few options. I must say – it was great to see the level of interest he showed in the process. He wanted to make sure that he was considering all options to make the best choice. This ring was after all going to be a surprise; there is always a little more anticipation involved under such circumstances. We took many work-in-progress pictures to capture the making of this beauty!

And then one morning, I open our Instagram page, to see that Stuart had proposed and there was a girl with the widest smile; outshining the brilliance of the ring on her finger!

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Stuart Vivier 6

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Stuart Vivier 13

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