Brilliant Tsavorite, Leafy Diamond Ring

Can you tell that we love what we do?

This gorgeous ring was commissioned last year and we are so excited to share it! 

Made up in 9ct Rose and White Gold, the design is a combination of ideas from very different reference images supplied by our customer.  Intrinsic to the design were the leaf shapes encrusted with diamonds, and the delicate lower ring with it’s sparkling diamonds and elegant scrolls.

Our customer emailed us, eager to find out about custom-designed rings, and how we might be able to work on a custom made piece for her while she was overseas.

Using the reference images she gave us, we offered her some drawings that combined elements of her and her partner's ideas for this one-of-a-kind ring.


Via email, over the following weeks, we dicussed design aspects, stone options, diamond specifications and shared images of the ring’s progress...

She had her heart set on a precious stone in a vibrant green colour, and so we searched for the most vivacious Tsavorite we could find.

This 0.85ct Tsavorite measures 7mm x 5mm, and is the perfect centre stone for this nature-inspired ring!


Tsavorites have a particular structure that gives these faceted stones more radiance, brilliance… sparkle and life!

Tsavorites also have an excellent hardness rating, and for that reason are great for engagement rings. 


It is always such an honour to be a part of these joyous moments in people’s lives. We wish our wonderful customers all the best on their new relationship journey!




We love making adventurous rings for adventurous people!



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