Gift Boxes with a nature-positive message.

We love our natural world, and a broad range of our designs are inspired by our fellow creatures. With the ranges of jewellery that we design around specifically threatened animals we strive to inform our customers and social media audience, about these vulnerable creatures, and offer the opportunity to help.

Bees are responsible for the pollination of up to 80% of the world’s crop species, and one-third of human consumption is entirely dependant on these tiny creatures.

Bees worldwide are under threat from depleted foraging resources climate change, pesticides and disease.

freeRange JEWELS is proud to continue our support of the EWT’s fine work, and with every purchase of an African Honey Bee piece, a donation is made towards the preservation of South Africa’s wildlife.

This gift box includes a unique, hand-carved and cast item of jewellery, made exclusively for freeRange JEWELS.
The range includes Earrings, Pendants and Lapel Pins.
10% of profits are donated directly to EWT
A concise pamphlet is our means of imparting valuable information regarding the importance of the African Honey Bee, and the Endangered Wildlife Trust.
An added little luxury is a locally–produced, organic, Bees Wax Lip Balm. This balm is made in Overberg in a small factory, where skills are shared with the community and the wax is sourced from small local farms.

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This is a combination gift pack with a conscience - all materials used are bio-degradable. By buying this, or stocking this product, a worthy cause is supported and important information is shared to aid in the protection of our natural world.

Whether you’re buying gifts for family and friends, ordering corporate gifts, or supplying products to your customers, there’s nothing better than knowing that your gift is eco-aware and nature-positive … also that serves to support a vital and worthy cause!

By purchasing this hand-crafted jewellery item, you are donating money to the Endangered Wildlife Trust. Every month, we at freeRange JEWELS, send the collected money from this range directly to the EWT.

To order these super special gift boxes, contact us at shop@freerangejewel.co.za or by calling 021 418 3607.

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