Alpha Centauri DIAMOND Ring – Birth Certificate

Alpha C is the closest star system to the Solar System. To the unaided eye, the main components appear as a single point of light forming the brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus, a characteristic most certainly possessed by an extraordinary lady out there and the most fortunate of men will be wise enough to realise that she is a keeper.

The inspiration for this piece has its roots widely spread: a commission piece, an all-time best seller and my obsession with textures. It was a commission piece (see below) that inspired this electric combination of white and yellow! For the commission, Jodie searched high and low until she found just the right colour combination. This inspired me to find yellow companions for a very special white diamond I had in my collection at the time. I placed the idea on ice until a gemstone supplier showed me a beautifully cut pair of bright yellow sapphires.

IMG 7403

Another concept I wanted to revisit was the style of a one-off piece we did for an ad campaign. The piece sold so quickly after we made it and the compliments kept streaming in... the design was obviously a hit! Its appeal lied in the alternative combination of colours and classical textures.
So back to Alpha C – I bought the yellow sapphires and paired it up with a 0.70ct G/ Si diamond.

alpha centauri diamond ring 2

What followed next was a very rudimentary sketch and with haste I wanted to see the design come to life: I worked closely with my goldsmith: We set the centre diamond in a thin textured tube with an antique feel. The yellow sapphires flank it, set in yellow gold. On the band, I experimented with a twist to give a rope like texture.

I often look at jewellery and see blank metal areas as an opportunity to add character – which is exactly what we did with Alpha C; if you look closely at the sideview; you will notice a further 2 white diamonds per side, hand engraved line texture as well as a delicate wire scroll under the centre stone.

Cantauri Collage

On the inner of the band you will spot my brand mark: fR & a mini chick, 18ct (referring to the pureness of the gold) and a ZA mark confirming RSA as the country of origin! I decided to call her Alpha Centauri due to the celestial charm of this ring. She is going to find a home on the finger of lady that rocks someone’s world!

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