FAQ 1: Why freeRange JEWELS?

Some historic insight by Marelé Moolman

The brand originates from a collection of random jewellery pieces which we made in our workshop, where at that stage; we only serviced other jewellery brands and stores.  

The retail jewellery industry in RSA is tourist dependent hence the winter months are quiet in our workshop. Myself & (now) business partner (then employer) David Bolding, made use of our infrastructure & kept our goldsmiths busy by making pieces we had in our sketch books. Naively, the designs were not driven by trends or market research, it was purely ideas we wanted to see come to life. 

It was off beat in many ways: it included a humpty dumpty egg ring, a frying pan, and kinetic pieces with wrought iron influences and fusions between classic & contemporary styles.  

By mid-2007 we realized that we have a lot of capital tied up in jewellery, enough to start a separate business! We started wholesaling our pieces to a few of our jeweler clients. And of course, they wanted to know what do we call this range? So, knowing that I did not want to be pinned down to working in a specific style, that we will continue to challenge how jewellery is perceived and break down stereotypes, coupled by my love for my natural environment – freeRange JEWELS made sense! And happy to say, at this stage our image quality started improving! 


Today freeRange still represent its early sentiments: 

From a design perspective: We are not restricted by the conventional ‘rules’ of what jewellery should look like or should be made from. We can set off our creativity in whichever direction we and our clients please to.  

The jewellery experience at fR is real & honest, with intergrity and passion as core values. 

Ethically we take our calling to look after our natural environment very seriously: we use ethically sourced materials, strive to tread lightly on our planet and speak on behalf of those without a voice by creating awareness of critically endangered species. 

We follow and support the Endangered Wildlife Trust with our African Honey Bee and Riverine Rabbit Collection. We want to extend our collection and need you to tell us which animal on the EWT Red List you would like to see become part of our range.


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